CASE STUDY: The Re-Envisioning Business

Sometimes pieces of an existing brand design or marketing work, but others don’t. This client was ready for an overhaul, but not sure how to do it in a rollout that was as seemless as possible. We worked with together to sort through their existing materials and come up with some very effective solutions, including a new logo and branding design.

University of Northern Iowa’s Regional Business Center was going through some organizational changes… to the point where they were undergoing a name-change to UNI Center for Business Growth and Innovation. They had a ton of existing marketing materials out there, and lots of programs that they offered that had a particular look and feel, all very different. No wonder that Sarah (Operations Manager) was a little overwhelmed when she contacted me! I was so excited for the opportunity, who WOULDN’T want to create design work for their alma mater?

I made the trip to Cedar Falls met with the UNI staff and took in all of the information. Where to start with all of this? After lots of discussion about their goals, businesses and programs, it all came down to the new business name change and providing a new logo along with branding design so we could see how the look would all come together in their marketing. We also thought building on the university’s reputation was important, and that associating with the university’s colors of purple and gold (which had not been done much in this office before) would be a step in the right direction.

I got to work, designing three logo concepts as well as branding design inspiration. After some rounds of revisions and lots of client input, we had a final logo! Elements of this logo were carried into logos for each of the programs UNICBGI offers too, each inspired by elements of their existing logos for some consistency. Here is the branding board that was developed:


Branding and Logo Design - Luckythirteen DesignNext, we had discussions of what marketing materials were most important to rollout first, including business cards, popup displays, social media graphics, marketing folders and inserts, postcards, programs and a brand-new website design. Several pieces were necessary for a booth at an upcoming event, so we made the design of those our priority. I created a timeline for all of our projects to keep us on-task and on-schedule, and provided an estimate of design costs. We successfully hit our production deadlines for EntreFEST (an event for Iowa entreprenuers which I was thrilled to attend) and the booth looked great… lots of brand recognition gained and the branding stood out awesomely in the welcome area. Kudos to their team for pulling that all together!

Branding and Logo Design - Luckythirteen Design


“Jill makes the design process easy. She goes above and beyond with presentation, creativity, and service. She’s quick to listen and incorporate feedback, yet always ready with new ideas and options to get to the best end goal. I am always impressed by her turnaround time and precision. It’s not everyday that you find a person with amazing talent, great project management, and a service personality, but Jill is just that!”

– Sarah Bey, Operations Manager, University of Northern Iowa Center for Business Growth and Innovation

Branding and Logo Design - Luckythirteen Design

Nowadays, there is a renewed sense of energy at the UNI office, and the staff is proud to display their logo on apparel and their business design elements on their office walls. I’m especially proud of our website design, which gives an overview of all of UNICBGI’s services and incorporates the branding design of their marketing materials. The UNI staff will be able to make future edits to their mobile-friendly WordPress site in-house.