More Than A Graphic Designer

A good designer has to be savvy about a bit more than just design. Learn about other ways a professional designer can help you as plan your marketing (and maybe save your workplace sanity).

LTD Studio: Inspired Music Playlists for Your Workday

I love the variety of my creative job, but the one constant is that there is ALWAYS music playing in my studio. Welcome to LTD Studio, where I share some of my favorite tunes that I (sometimes embarrasingly) rock out to during my workday.

A Year of Reflection

Exactly one year ago, I made the decision to leave my full-time creative director job and take Luckythirteen Design to a full-time graphic design business. It’s been a great year, and I’m happy to say that officially starting my own business full-time is a decision I don’t regret.

Why Every Business Needs A Great Logo Design

Most businesses have a logo, but there are plenty out there that don’t represent their business in the best light. A logo redesign is an investment, but perhaps one worth making.

Luckythirteen Design: Going Full-Time

While Luckythirteen Design has been around (as my part-time job) for almost ten years, starting today it’s officially my full-time gig.