what is brand identity?

A brand identity is a system of elements working together to provide consistency, unity and flexibility for a brand. A logo design can be well-paired with coordinating brand identity elements — like color palette, fonts, patterns, photo styles and textures. When used together consistently in your marketing, they not only give you a more polished, professional look, but they can show off your brand’s personality and make you more memorable in the eyes of your audience. Often your brand identity is the first interaction your audience has with your brand.

Considering your brand identity upfront is an effective (and impactful) investment to help gain your audience’s attention  — and it’s an exciting experience for any business! I’ll work with you to make it one that gives a great first impression, is reflective of your unique brand, and one you’ll be proud that’s your own for years to come.

how can it work?

Here’s some case studies of how these client brands were brought to life with branding design.


My Brand Rollout Package is a personal and thoughtful brand development experience for your business. Whether you are a new to the scene and looking to establish your presence, or are an established player in search of a new look, this package has what you need to make a statement. My goal is to create a final product that reflects your personal style while delivering an effective marketing tool for your business for years to come.

This package includes a custom logo design, and a Brand Identity Board which serves as your brand style guide – including submarks, color palette, font suggestions, patterns/textures and more – all unique to your brand and thoughtfully-crafted for cohesiveness. To really kick-off your brand look, this package also includes matching print collateral and a social media kit with brand launch materials.


Great for the client that wants to wants to kick-off a great new brand identity but is waiting for the budget to roll it out in their print and web presence.

This package considers your unique, custom logo design, along with a Brand Identity Board which serves as your brand style guide — sharing submarks, color palette, font suggestions, patterns/textures and more — to share how they can all pair together for brand cohesiveness in your marketing materials.


A logo design is the first step to make your passion project a recognizable brand. Every logo design I create is well thought-out and unique to my clients —no cookie-cutter design here! I’ll chat with you and learn more about your business/organization, then I’ll get busy concepting, sketching, and incorporating some of those qualities into a logo design.

While a thoughtful logo design is a hallmark of any successful brand, I do recommend a Brand Rollout Package or Brand Identity Package for a full and consistent branding approach.

“Jill invested in understanding my story, business, and product to develop a brand identity that is a true expression of who we are. What made working with Jill so much fun was the collaboration of ideas and desires. Through our conversations, I was able to see my ideas and thoughts come to life!”

– Laura Klavitter, Owner,  MicroGirl Microgreens

plus business card design, website design, social media kit, brand photography, custom illustration, flyer design and sticker design

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I love crafting brands that tell a story, and want my clients to be proud of how their audience sees them.

Whether your business is new, growing or re-envisioning its marketing, I’d love to talk with you more about how brand design might help you make big impact! Please fill out the form below — or  if you’d rather call, give me a buzz at 563.451.4525. Thanks!

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