I’ve spent the better part of a year considering my business as I would a client… and am ready to share my brand redesign! See below for some insight on how it all came together.



New logo to kickoff the rebranding process! Its just a simple mark, really… and nothing that groundbreaking (sort of like me 😉 But I love that it’s imperfect and has that handdrawn-look. Its clean and simple, and allows my work (the important stuff) that’s shown with it to shine through and take center stage. The logo is just a part of the big picture… my color palette, fonts and submarks were designed to coordinate, too. 


My new color palette was inspired by the things that surround me. One is the paint color in my studio. Another is my favorite cozy fall sweater. One is the color of our home’s exterior. The greens pull from my love of the beautiful landscape that surrounds me here in the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa, and that dark teal is my favorite badass notebook. It took some tweaking, but I really loved the balance of these colors. You’ll see them come to life on my website, my business cards and pricing guides and more.


2018 became a year to get rid of the clutter. After many years of my husband and I moving to new cities for new jobs, having our first baby, moving back to my hometown, starting another new job, building/designing our new home from scratch, starting my own business and having a second baby, it was time to put on the brakes. I realized that there was beauty in simplicity… just taking a step back, and focusing on the simple things (this included learning to say ‘no’ sometimes!)  So when deciding on the typography for my brand redesign, I focused on simplicity and clarity… a clean serif font, paired with a font that I’ve been using in my branding for years (a little nod to the ‘old’ brand.) Then I plan to throw in this handwritten font here and there, because sometimes it doesn’t always have to be clean… sometimes it’s okay to get a bit messy and go with the flow 🙂 


Some backgrounds and patterns I’ve pulled together to add a bit of texture to my brand redesign! I’ve used wood in some way since I started LTD as a side-hustle 15 years ago. I love that its warm and welcoming, and it’s a nod to my growing up (and currently living) out in the country. And I love a good pattern! While the wood is nostalgic, the patterns put a modern spin on things. The world of design is always changing. Designers are always learning, always trying to keep up with the latest software, etc. But sometimes, we revert back to the ol’ tried and true. These textures are me trying to keep a nice balance of both the familiar and the forward-thinking.


If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s with the name Luckythirteen Design?”, I’d love to share the story with you! Often when I’m asked, I have to give the abbreviated 30-second version, and I never feel like I can do it justice. Click the link in my bio to read the story on my blog! This story also inspired this new handdrawn stamp/submark I’ve worked into my rebrand here and there.



I’ve shared the elements that I’ve created for my brand redesign… but here’s something that puts them use! I LOVE stickers, so I worked my brand identity (logo, colors, fonts, patterns, submark, etc.) into the design to add a little extra ‘punch’ to my materials. I’ve created them for various clients over the years, but now I’ll be getting to use them myself too on client packages, thank you cards, stationery and more.

There’s a lot that goes into thinking it all through, but you can let me handle that… my hope is that its always easy and fun for my clients! If you are interested in working together on your brand’s design or simply have questions, just give me a shout!