While Luckythirteen Design has been around (as my part-time job) for almost ten years, starting today it’s officially my full-time gig.

For the past ten or so years since earning my BA in Graphic Design, I’ve been working at small design shops, mid-sized advertising/creative agencies and in-house marketing offices across the state, creating design work while gaining responsibility and experience. My most recent full-time job was Director of Creative at at local university, where I worked in their internal marketing office and led a team of designers. It was a great experience where I met many wonderful people, which I’m very thankful. But something seemed to be missing. A big part of me wanted to build Luckythirteen Design.

I think I’ve always had a drive to try something new. Take on that steep rollercoaster. Eat crazy-looking sushi. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take. Did I know much about starting a business from scratch? No. Did I have much prep time to get my business organized before diving in? Nope again. The thought of taking this particular plunge made me nervous. But three things happened: One, I had an influx of clients that wanted design help, had worked with me before and had faith in me. Secondly, a friend pointed out to me that I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners. My father, my grandfather, his father and (and even further back in the family tree) were dairy farmers, working hard and making ends meet day after day. They built my family’s farm into a profitable business, and determination and hard work was at the heart of it. I’d like to think I’ve inherited this trait. Thirdly, I discovered I had faith in myself and my talents.

So here I am, with the support of my family and friends. With clients that I care about and that keep their trust in me to I’ll continue to do great work for them. With former coworkers and employers who have faith in me. With a network of creatives that, God love ’em, have my back.  I will get there (and since I am in no way a procrastinator, sooner rather than later!) I’m determined to make this business work for me, my clients, our community and for us to have some fun along the way.

My “first day” at my “new job” will include wrapping up a logo design for a non-profit organization, creating branding guidelines for a business, a conference call about a potential website design and a logo/branding consultation for a photographer… so exciting! Looking forward to the next ten years and what’s just around the corner!