I’m sure many business owners confront this question: How is my business perceived by the public? By potential clients? By current clients? By my staff members and employees?

Appearance has something to do with that, and the first impression most have of a business is its logo. Whether its seen on the business storefront, on a marketing brochure or a website as a result of a random Google search.

Every business has a logo, but not many have a GREAT logo. A great logo is one that is truly representative of your business. If your company is dynamic, your logo can be dynamic. If your products are friendly, your logo can be friendly. If your service is fast, your logo can convey fast. Here are some reasons why its worth it to have a professional designer create not just a logo, but a logo that is a great representation of your business and its style.

A great logo creates a great first impression. Conversely, a bad logo creates a bad first impression. Would an icky donut logo make you hungry for donuts?

Sometimes an outdated logo just doesn’t keep up with the times. Even if if you’ve had a logo for a very long time, consider changing it. A talented logo designer can pay homage to company’s history by taking elements from that outdated logo, updating it, and making it timeless. Don’t be afraid to consider that jump.

It can help brand your product or service. The objective of branding is create the perception that your product or service is unlike no other, unique in the marketplace, and worth spending more money for. A great logo, along with a well-planned marketing campaign, can help in the process.

It makes your organization memorable. IA great logo is more easily remembered by customers, especially if you are consistent in advertising that logo. People do business with familiar faces…and your logo is your company’s initial face.

Look more professional. The worst thing you can convey to potential customers is that you are unprofessional. A great logo tells your customers that your business is well-planned, professional, and here to stay. This can be especially important if you have a new business; a great new logo can make it look like you’ve been in business for years.

Gain confidence and pride, business-wide. One of the most popular comments designers hear from clients starting a new business—that their great logo gave them the confidence to compete with businesses that had been there for dozens of years. And don’t be surprised if employees wearing your logo have a new-found sense of pride for your company.

Improve customer trust. A great logo conveys a sense of trust (the number one reason people buy from companies). Customer retention is also easier when they feel confident that the company they are doing business with is trustworthy.

Easier marketing. A picture is worth a thousand words. A great logo says volumes about your company — so you don’t have to spend as much time and money writing or telling people about it. No matter what your company is or aspires to be (whether it be classy, funny, hi-tech, funky, expensive), a great logo lets your customers and employees know right up front.

It’s cool. Sometimes a logo can create the “wow” factor. Sports franchises have found that their merchandise sells much better if their team logo looks cool, even if the team stinks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the many teams whose team image soared when they redesigned their logo from swishy to mean.


It takes guts, but sometimes a brand new logo design (or even a logo refresh) is just the thing to improve your business’ appearance toward your clients, supporters and staff. Not quite sure if you’re ready or curious about what it will take to get there? A good professional designer can help steer you in the right direction. Logo design might just be the beginning… a whole new brand look might be a viable and exciting option for your business, your clients and your staff.

A logo redesign is an investment, but perhaps one worth making.