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National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium / Dubuque County Historical Society


This was a massive brand identity redesign project! The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium already had a logo design, but the design of their marketing materials was inconsistent – not much had a cohesive look that their audience could connect with as their own. With much client discussion and research, I worked to establish a consistent color palette, fonts, and a variety of patterns and textures for the museum (and for its sister organizations as well!) It was all brought to life for the first time in a printed brochure I had designed for potential donors.

Now their new brand identity system is being used to keep a visual consistency throughout their social media, website, print and advertising – and making the efforts of their internal marketing team more efficient. When you visit the river museum now, you can see how their team has taken the brand identity plan and run with it — everything from signage to social media, print advertising to campus map has taken on the new visual brand. There’s a renewed energy at the museum and definitely some staff excitement – that’s a great feeling! Love supporting our city and its area organizations and businesses.

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