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Steeple Square


I first learned about the effort to repurpose the St. Mary’s campus in early 2014, from a couple of community leaders who knew I was passionate about community development projects. At that point, this group had just saved the landmark former church and soaring steeple from being plowed over as a parking lot, and they were just starting to gather a shared vision of what this block of downtown Dubuque could be. They took me on a tour inside the then vacant church, and the beauty of it made me certain that this was a place worth saving.

Right off the bat, the group had community meetings and incorporated the public in what would be the most beneficial use of the space. I was invited to join the marketing committee of this campus/project. Our committee came up with the name, Steeple Square, and I contributed the logo design along with the look of so many design pieces since. In a short few years, this project has given the community some of the resources it needs most, and the passion and enthusiasm of everyone involved is truly infectious.

A new childcare center opened on campus to fill a great community need, and I helped develop the brand identity and rollout materials for that project as well.

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