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Billboard Design
Sign Vendor Coordination

Verena Street Coffee Co.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY  |  about 15 employees

Verena Street Coffee Co. is a local coffee roaster based out of my home city of Dubuque, Iowa. They just happen to be our fam’s FAVORITE coffee, too! When I first met up with the owners, Verena Street was already an established coffee company. They already had a recognizable logo and coffee packaging, and a loyal fanbase of coffee drinkers and several varieties of their coffee were sold in grocers across the state and across the country. But what was missing?

My job here was to help Verena Street Coffee establish more of a brand identity, and develop design elements that could be used flexibly throughout their marketing. These worked out in packaging flats and bulk coffee labels, tshirts, packaging  and more.

We also worked on a campaign to promote Verena Street’s roots in Dubuque. These graphics were designed to be flexible across a variety of advertising mediums. They were placed on a billboard (not far from the former street which is the coffee roaster’s namesake), a variety of print ads, and van trailer graphics. I worked with a great commercial photographer (CTW Photography) to art direct the shots, and I think we came up with the perfect coffee pour and a great straight-on shot of the coffee bag. These shots and graphics are used in Verena Street’s fleet design, social media marketing and small internal signage as well. Packaging design for their new organic/fair-trade coffee followed as well.

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