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Verena Street Coffee Co.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY  |  about 15 employees

Verena Street Coffee Co. is a local coffee roaster based out of my home city of Dubuque, Iowa. They just happen to be our fam’s FAVORITE coffee, too! When I first met up with the owners, Verena Street was already an established coffee company. They already had a recognizable logo and coffee packaging, a loyal fanbase of coffee drinkers and several varieties of their coffee were sold in grocers across the state and the country. But what was missing?

My job here was to help Verena Street Coffee establish more of a brand identity, and develop design elements that could be used flexibly throughout their marketing. These continuous projects include packaging flats and bulk coffee labels, tshirts, packaging, billboards, print ads, fleet graphics and more.

Something that sets Jill apart from other designers I have worked with is that she always focuses on the finished product and any print parameters, specs or limitations, right from the start of a project. In the past, with other designers I would end up having to fix or revise things, whereas Jill always offers to work directly with our suppliers and printers and see it through to the finished product.

Eric Gantz
Co-Owner, Verena Street Coffee Co.

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